Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is a dedication to my smart GIS readers, I decided to do something simple and easy to setup, and intuitive to use and make your life much easier for free.

Arc2Google Official Page

I called it Arc2Google. This tool is not sponsored by or affiliated with Arc2Earth

This tool combines ArcMap with Google Maps And Google Earth.
When you activate the tool it open a dockable window inside ArcMap and show you the current Extent on the Map in Google Maps or Earth, it get refreshed whenever you change the view in GIS too.

Watch a Video demonstration of the tool

Or Let the pictures speak.

Click Here to Download The Tool (9.x)

Click Here to Download The Tool (9.x/10)

See the previous tool Integrate ArcMap with Google Earth (VBA)

Please report any bugs found here or email it to me. Any suggestions too. I'll reply immediately