Monday, July 13, 2009

Design flaw in PS2 keyboards allow hackers to retrieve all your key strokes

Scary isn't it, Exactly, this is the main source of this news.

I'm going to summaries this briefly. If you use a PS/2 keyboard hackers can know all the characters you typed using that keyboard from your main socket plug. So they don't your password and they don't care what OS are you using.

The study briefs that the bad shielding of PS/2 wires, allows the information traveled to leak into the earth wire, eventually transfer it into the main PC plug. And it stays there. I don't know The technical part of it maybe Electric Engineers can help elaborate on this technically.

The guys who wrote this paper are Andrea Barisani (Chief Security Engineer) and Daniele Bianco (Hardware Hacker)

There website

And here is their original paper

Thanks GOD these keyboards are dieing.