My name is Hussein and I’m a software engineer. I specialize in the field of geographic information systems (or GIS). I helped many organizations in different countries implement the GIS technology and wrote custom apps to fit their use cases and streamline their workflows since 2005. I wrote four books on Esri ArcGIS technology, recorded over two hundred YouTube videos and software tutorials being watched until this day and started a software engineer podcast in 2018. I've been an engineer at Esri building cool products since 2015. In 2017 we shipped the first release of the network management technology (utility network). I'm currently the product owner of the attribute rules project in the geodatabase. Exciting stuff.

Ever since my uncle gave me my first programming book in 1998 (Learn programming with Visual Basic 2) I discovered that writing software is my passion. I started my blog and YouTube channel as an outlet to talk about software. Feel free to contact me on my social media channels to ask questions or tell your software story, would love to hear it!

Here is mine in video form.

Drop me an email and say hi: 

hus DOT mhd AT gmail.com