My name is Hussein and I’m a software engineer. Ever since my uncle gave me my first programming book in 1998 (Learn programming with Visual Basic 2) I discovered that software is my passion. I started my blog, and YouTube channel as an outlet to talk about software.

I specialize in the field of geographic information systems (or GIS). I helped many organizations in different countries implement GIS technology and designed, developed apps to fit their use cases, and streamline their workflows since 2005.  I wrote five books on Esri ArcGIS technology and I've been an engineer at Esri building cool GIS technologies since 2015.

Between my Software Engineering YouTube channel and Podcast, I have made over 500 hundred pieces of content on different topics of software engineering ranging from proxies, security, networking, and programming. I also discuss recent software news and current events on software.

Using software to solve interesting problems is one of the fascinating things I really enjoy. Feel free to contact me on my social media channels to tell your software story, ask questions, or share interesting problems. I would love to hear it!

Here is my story.

Drop me an email and say hi: 

h AT husseinnasser.com

Hussein Nasser