My name is Hussein and I’m a software engineer. My software journey started around 1998 when my uncle gave me a book titled `Learn Programming and Visual Basic 2.0`. That book made me realized that I enjoy the craft of building software. Using every medium available I would talk about software in a form of bulletin boards, blogs, books, courses, podcasts, and videos.

These days I run a YouTube channel where I cover software engineering topics with a focus on backend engineering. I discuss databases, proxies, security, networking, protocols, and programming. I also cover recent news and current events in the field of software. You can also listen my podcast the backend engineering show. If you prefer reading instead, check out my medium blog. I'm the author of pglocks.org a simple tool that shows what locks and command conflicts which each other in Postgres.

I specialize in the field of geographic information systems (or GIS for short). Since 2005, I helped many organizations in the Middle East implement Esri GIS by designing and building mapping apps to streamline their workflows. I wrote five books on Esri’s technologies and I've been a principal engineer there since 2015.

Using software to solve interesting problems is one of the fascinating things I really enjoy. Feel free to contact me on my social media channels to ask questions or share interesting problems. I would love to hear it!

Drop me an email and say hi: 
h AT husseinnasser.com 

Interested in the backend? check out backend.win
Hussein Nasser