Friday, July 17, 2009

New Technologies we should know about?

Everyday we hear of a new technology or a new programming style or a new invented device or a new application or a new hardware.

It would be fun if you share your list of what new technologies that are currently blossoming in your opinion. Heard it in the news? stumbled upon? read it in a blog. Just list it and let us know about it.

Just share with us anything related to Technology.
I'll start

Web application that look like desktop, so easy to use.

Visual cryptography
Encryption in such a way that decryption can be done by human vision, no computers needed.

Massively multiplayer online game, can support hundreds of players online.

The Mother of All Bombs
A bomb developed by the USA is said to be able to destroy an area as large as nine city blocks.

You add to this list

Let us know more guys! Life isn't getting any shorter. If you know something share it please, we would love to know.


  1. LINQ to SQL:
    Object Relational Mapping: The new trend of interacting with Database.

    LINQ to SQL Entity Base - Disconnected LINQ:
    A class that provides the disconnection of the LINQ Class Datacontext, very useful in particular design patterns where the developer does not want to be connected all the time to LINQ's Datacontext.

  2. @Mohammed X

    Great! LINQ is a hot topic indeed


    Thanks, still didn't read about HTML 5 and CSS3 .. we should do some reading on them..

  3. Google Wave
    I really don't know how to define it, but let's just say it has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate (please correct me if this is wrong!)

    (Music streaming services such as)
    Spotify and Wimp
    The music-business have to change. Piracy is a huge problem. The swedish and norwegian streaming-services Spotify and Wimp takes care of this by streaming most of the music in the world to you just like you would to when you're watching vids on YouTube. With different financing than we're used to, this will change the music-business for ever.

    (Wimp is currently in a closed beta-version so everyone can't access it yet. Take a search for "Spotify" to learn more about it.)

  4. @betathgts

    Google Wave is really a new revolutionary product in Communication, didn't work with it yet. We have to. And really thanks for bringing that up,

    I loved the concept of Spotify, our readers will enjoy this new technology.. its the first time I hear about it.. As you said the Piracy is indeed a problem, Still people are stealing music and uploading them illegal on their own servers..

    A solution to that problem is really difficult,

    Thanks again for your great comment

  5. Btw, I forgot to post my name on that post (I am betathgts) :).

    "The only way to beat piracy is to be the best (and easiest) provider of it".

    Then you might say "Nothing beats free" (free as in zero cost). Well, I think you can. Most people don't visit the Pirate Bay because they can't afford buying. The #1 reason is that piracy is easier than buying - yet. Sure, iTunes is quite easy. But the music business can do even better in my opinion.

    I think the music industry for both consumers and producers is facing a revolution.

  6. @Anders,

    Beating the Free is difficult.. ITune is becoming so simple and buying is becoming even more convenient with credit cards and all

  7. Being part of .NET development for a long time,
    These are part of the .NET framework 3.0, I know these technologies is not new but here you go:

    1- Windows Workflow foundation

    2- Windows Presentation Foundation

    3- Windows Communication Foundation

    Also I am very active in web development, and jQuery become a necessary part of the development I do
    They have also the jQueryUI

  8. Thanks Mohd for sharing you knowledge with you

    I don't know most of them, Our readers will surely benefit ...

    I'll start reading the WWF and WPF :)

  9. 5 Tips to Develop PHP Applciations FAST

  10. Dapple Earth Explorer: Map and View the Earth

    I don't know if you know this, but I thought it would be interesting to you.

  11. Nope its new!

    thanks for sharing that buddy

    lets see and compare.


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