Friday, July 17, 2009

New Technologies we should know about?

Everyday we hear of a new technology or a new programming style or a new invented device or a new application or a new hardware.

It would be fun if you share your list of what new technologies that are currently blossoming in your opinion. Heard it in the news? stumbled upon? read it in a blog. Just list it and let us know about it.

Just share with us anything related to Technology.
I'll start

Web application that look like desktop, so easy to use.

Visual cryptography
Encryption in such a way that decryption can be done by human vision, no computers needed.

Massively multiplayer online game, can support hundreds of players online.

The Mother of All Bombs
A bomb developed by the USA is said to be able to destroy an area as large as nine city blocks.

You add to this list

Let us know more guys! Life isn't getting any shorter. If you know something share it please, we would love to know.