Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ArcGIS Twitter Extension

This may sound weird and you are like, "whats the use of this anyway?

If you don't want to setup any Database system and you just want a quick login to your ArcGIS and you want the user to feel confidant without specifying any password, you can simply Authenticate her with her Own Twitter Account!

I built this Extension with VB.NET for ESRI ArcGIS. When you start the GIS it simply start a Login Form and ask you to login to Twitter using oAuth (no password there)

When you login, I return a class filled with the most important information about the Twitter User, Name,ScreenName,Location and picture where you can easily use to customize.

I've also placed a sample button to tweet. You can easily build your own client based on this, like when someone Edited a feature you can use his Twitter Account to log on his name details.

I just know that someone will make use of this one day, so I thought I just develop it.

Download the script here.



  1. Where I work, we have an extension that monitors pretty much all vector editing and component launches that a user performs in Arc. This is so we can run stats, know which tools they are using the most and least. I had never thought of integrating activity messages with twitter before, but that would be pretty cool!

    Nice blog BTW!
    Joseph Armbruster

  2. @Joe
    Great! I just knew someone will use that extension somehow..

    with few tweaks in the code you can make it do whatever you want ..

    Thanks for dropping by Joe, glad you liked the blog :)


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