Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google Maps VS Bing Maps

Microsoft rebranded its Virtual Earth now into Bing Maps, I thought I Would like to list a quick comparison between the two.

Click here to go to Google Maps

Click here to go to Bing Maps

Here is a mashup of Google Maps and Bing Maps

Here is a mashup of Google Maps + Google Earth + Bing Bing + Yahoo Maps

1. Data
The data is way more updated in Google Maps then in Bing, But its just a matter of time until bing update its data.

2. Developers
I suffered while I want to develop a small example in Bing Maps, didn't easily found a "Hello, World" Bing Maps. Google Maps are much easier to develop through Ajax API.

However I found it so easy to develop an ASP.NET application with Bing Maps, its greatly documented here for those interested.

3. Documentation
Google Maps are rich in its documentation with all its examples and Ajax-PlayGround. Call me stupid but I just get confused with Microsoft way in documentation Here is Bing API. They write ALOT and I hardly see any example. I would love some live examples. More examples, more code, less talk please.

4. Browser Support
Google Maps support 3D images without any plug-in, Bing Maps need to install a 3D plug-in. Sadly that plug-in is not avaiable for my Mac - Firefox yet.

5. GeoProcessing
I liked this one, you can do geoProcessing and return Imagery data from Bing, I don't know if Google Maps supports that, please correct me if I'm wrong.

6. Accuracy
Big claps for Bing in this, I searched for Bahrain in Google Maps, it pointed me somewhere in the sea, however, when I searched in Bing Maps, it directly hit the center of the Island (Y), same goes for Sakigahara the Village in Japan.

More Details

Here is a quick "Hello World" for Bing Maps

Here is a quick "Hello World" for Google Maps

More Google Maps Bing Maps Comparison

Also, our friend Andrew have done a quick comparison between most of the maps applications, you can find the pdf here.

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  1. Thanks alot for the incredible review.

  2. @MohammedX
    Any time pal ;)

    Thanks for dropping by

  3. Hm I'm glad I'm not the only who finds msdn documentation horrible.

  4. @Yaseen!
    Man seriously i thought I am the only one !
    Its filled with text text text
    I hardly find any samples..!

    they really need to learn from google documations..

  5. I twitted a while back an intersting map comparison exercise, quick but intersting

  6. Thanks Andrew
    Its a great comparison,
    please allow me to add it to the main post..

  7. I love your motto: I want to create a world where everyone can be happy.

    A great sentiment. You should create a facebook page.

  8. Rich
    Thanks a lot buddy :)

    , will at least try to do so

    I have fb

  9. Just a little example of me. Using Bing Maps Silverlight Control showing Panoramio World photo's.

    I also have to do some 'investigation' about which to use. Google Maps using javascript only? I need to get locations from an SQL 2008 database end show them on a map. Dont want to let the website viewers to show any code. Pro when using Silverlight is that it's working in a secured sandbox. Any thoughts from someone about the options?

  10. Great work Deomaarwat,!

    Yes Google Maps uses Javascripts only.. you have to send your class via ajax/javascript

    Didn't try the silverlight ..

    I developed few apps on Google Maps that you might look at

    1. I prefer Bing Maps for 3 reasons:

      -> faster
      -> better design
      -> simple to use


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