Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are Ghosts Dimensional?

In his post Lets talk Dimensions Elie Nasr pinpointed a really interesting concept of what dimensions really are.

Objects living in 2D don't know about the 3D
I stumbled upon a great video that explains the world in 2D and how impossible the objects living in it find a 3rd dimension. To 2D world they only know left, right, up and down. There is no above or beneath, its physically impossible as Elie stated.

We live in 3D we don't know about objects living beyond that
3 Dimensional world is what we know, we don't know and we find it difficult to feel anything that is not in 3D. Just like 2D, just because we can't feel anything non-3D doesn't mean there are not other objects living in other dimensions.

The Time Dimension (4D)
We all know the Time as the Fourth dimension we can't imagine it yet we live in it. We see how a a 3D object changes with Time, I'm a 3D object, I get old? I get tall my 3 Dimensions are a function of time. Without Time I will stay still.

However, the Time itself can be applied to a 2D object or to a 1D object too, correct? So Time is a fixed dimension.

Who lives in the 5D then?
So the real question is, are there any living creatures who can see us but we can't? Do they live in another dimension that we can't really see yet we live it?

Ghosts Do Enter our 3D Sometimes
If you watched the video I linked earlier in this post, you will see how Dr Quantum entered messed with the circle in the 2D. Ghosts do the same. Some ghosts play around with us and enter our dimension to mess with us. Some for curiosity, some for good, some for evil.

So many questions, I'll just leave you to think about it freely.

Welcome to the Quantum world.