Monday, July 27, 2009

Kill Screens

In games Kill screens happen when there is a series of actions happened unexpectedly and not tested probably that lead to what Programmers call a bug.

Here is a video of Donkey Kong Level 22 Kill Screen.

Some of the OLD Kill Screens I found

Now If most of you didn't see the games Kill screens, I am pretty sure she had seen the Windows Version of Kill Screen.

The Blue Screen of Death

Thanks to Alhalwchi, he introduced us to an other Kill screen that Microsoft used to have on its Long horn, and on playstation The Red Screen of Death

Old Mac


  1. Just to reflect on "Blue Screen of Death" (Also called Blue Screen of Doom, don't ask me why!), these have been showing on all previous Windows OSs since 3.1. Lately, Microsoft invented a newer version of it called "The Red Screen of Death -RSoD " !!!

  2. You reminded me of the old days, when I used to play Mr. Pack Man and other old games.

    And when ever I get the kill screens I used to wonder why this is happening. ;)

  3. @Alhalwachi
    Thanks man for you comment, That''s totally new
    The Red Screen of Death

    let me do some searching..

    BTW your blog is really great! touching the critical strings..

    Yeah these days are great and simple and we were so naive about these errors

    There was once a malformed version of mario full of kill screens
    Will the customers seems to like it so the named it Fancy Mario! its the same mario but everything is messed up

  4. I loved the Old Mac screen hehehe cute, thanks Hussain for your comments.

    Keep up the good work


  5. Thanks walla buHussein
    great to have your here man
    keep in touch

  6. The last one looks very familiar to when Google Chrome crashes

  7. YES!! wana gol wen chayfa men gbl.. now i remembered


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