Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is the blog posting frequency you prefer

As a blogger, I love to write everyday. However, some of my readers emailed me about this habit. They told me having writing frequent IT posts everyday make it hard to digest and quickly lose interest.

Anyway, I leave this to you, What do you think?

What is the blog posting frequency you prefer?


  1. Nonsense, as long as the posts are high quality I'd go with a daily post, or maybe 4-6 posts a week.

  2. @Titi
    You have a point there
    Thanks for your poll

  3. Hi man...
    I am a daily visitor for you blog, and you posts are so interesting for me...

    as Yaseen titi said as long as the posts are high quality I'd go with a daily post, so you the one who should decide, and it's not about quantity but quality which counts..

  4. @Mohammed
    I'm glad you are interested in the posts I write,
    Thanks for your great comment dear friend

    And as you said, its about quality not quantity.

    Thanks for your poll

  5. hello brother,
    very meaningful post
    i have a blog and i became very happy when someone is visiting my blog and leave me a comment. even if the blog is not much interested but this supports me

  6. @Manna
    Will be glad to visit your blog for sure ;)

    If you want the blog to be popular it should be written with a tendency to benefit people..

    its not about you, its about the readers :)

    for example write about some problem you managed to solve and write the step.. people searching about this problem in google will be directed to your blog

  7. 1 a week is better. Quality should be the top priority.

  8. @Dimitri
    As you said the Quality of the blog post is one of the top priority

  9. Funny i have just published a comment on smashingmag on information clutter & frequency .


  10. You got that right man

    people have far more options and far less time

    so overwhileming them with daily posts unless it is great and extraordinary (which is impossible to send everyday)


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