Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Idea: Telecom Package Suggestion Engine

Telecom companies in Bahrain like Batelco, Zain and VIVA have packages for mobile services (postpaid and prepaid). Each package contains some features for a certain given price. Here is the postpaid table from the leading company in Bahrain Batelco.

As customers we choose packages arbitrary based on the total package price thinking we would save more. However, this is not the case. Customer preferences differs from one to another. For example I make a lot of international calls or a lot of calls to a certain local number. But I really might be in the wrong package which eventually costs me more money I could easily save if I was on the right package.

The idea is to design a service that will run through the customers database each 3 months or so and analyse their calls/sms etc and project it on their current package. 

For instance, if the customer is making too many international calls it would be great to send her a report in an email that she will save 200BD yearly if she changed her package from Super10 to Super30 and then you attach the math. Or even better, you can send her an SMS: "Fatima, we noticed that you make so many local calls to this number, if you add it to your favorite numbers' list, according to your billing you will save 69BD yearly. Shall we add it?." Make it easy for her, reply Yes or No.

This way your customer will really know how much you really care. They will stay loyal in the long run and your customer defection will decrease dramatically. Simply because this act is remarkable.


  1. Nice.

    How come you're not a millionaire yet? you have lots of brilliant ideas

  2. This is a great idea. They should perform data mining to our data to come up with the best package/services.

  3. Data mining is defintly the answer..

    there are several patterns to be found but i don't know why telecom companies are not invensting time to such important subject..

    instead they keep spoon feeding us products that we don't need or want

  4. It's easier for them this way.

    Plus your mistake of choosing the right package earns them alot of money! :D

  5. That's a good idea. I personally just go with the most expensive package deal, but I feel like I'm paying for more than what I use/need. Thing is, they don't care. They just want your money. Sad.

  6. sad but true..
    although they claim to satisfy customers they are after the money. and they lose loyalty.


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