Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dot NET How long will it last?

Recently, I was selling a suite of GIS applications to a client. The suite was built in .NET framework 3.5 on top of ESRI ArcGIS.

After I explained to him the new system functionalities he was convinced of the great effort spent in the system, and then he asked me this question.

"How long will it last?"

"Sorry sir I didn't get you"

"This .NET thing, how long will it last? We built our system just 5 years ago on COM technology, and now you tell me its out-dated and that the .NET technology is much better but not fully compatible with COM. So I have to change my whole system with yours. How long are you expecting the .NET technology to last until something totally 'better' to replace it"He sighed and continue "How long I shall expect to change my system .. again? 5 more years or more?"

So what do you think?


  1. should have tried to get him on to a LAMP stack. .NET sucks. I know far more php, ruby, and python developers. At least with a LAMP stack those are all available. Plus .NET is proprietary which really really sucks!

  2. The problem is the dominant and ease of use in .NET

    we build the application on top of ESRI GIS using .NET and ESRI GIS only supports .NET and Java ..

    we should have used Java

  3. Tell him to keep the old system then.
    There will ALWAYS be new technologies with newer\better\faster ways of doing something. People can either adapt to change or not.
    As for the LAMP guy. Yeah right, using the LAMP stack will last forever...


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