Friday, June 4, 2010

How free Anti-Virus Software make money

Ever wondered how a free AntiVirus software can make money besides advertisement? Well, continue reading.

Imagine you are game manufacturing company. You spent tens of thousand of dollars to develop a computer game. Weeks later a cracker releases a patch to break your computer game so users can illegally play it without license.

What do you do?
You can spend more money making the game uncrackable (and that's difficult)


You pay Anti-Virus software companies (like avast) to add that patch/crack to their database as a trojan-gen (which stands for Trojan general category). Below is a picture of a patch for all Game House games. Avast treats it as a general trojan, although I didn't notice any internet activity from the file.

Now users with these Anti-viruses cannot use the patch to crack your game up. This creeps them out and maybe (just maybe) they will be forced to pay for the game.