Thursday, December 3, 2009

I would love to fail

The last thing we want to do is to fail. I don't get on the stage and present because I might screw up and the audience will laugh. I don't write a book because some of my friends who think I'm still young will make fun of me if my book sold zero copies. I don't dance because I might make a fool of myself.

We fear failure because its embarrassing. So we have built this behavior that failing or being wrong is the worst thing we can do.

We live in the world of TV and movies where heroes don't make mistakes and do things perfectly. A simple equation that always apply, if you fail, you suck. No room for mistakes, quitters are losers, winners never quit.

Good judgment comes from Experience, unfortunately, Experience comes from bad judgment and failure. -
Jim Horning

So we have only one source to good judgment and its experience. And Experience comes from failure the very thing that we afraid of.

Let us all pull our strength from this little girl
The Little Girl Story
There was a school girl who don't pay attention to classes. One day in the drawing class, the teacher noticed that she is really focusing on her drawings The teacher approached her and asked her.

Teacher: "What are you drawing?"
Girl: "I'm drawing a picture of GOD"
Teacher, amazed: "Okay, but, no one knows what GOD looks like."
Girl: "They will in a minute."

The girl didn't put any restrictions, its in her nature, she just want to try everything. She didn't care about failing. I previously wrote an article about thinking like kids. Here it is if you are interested more in this subject. Maybe they can teach us a lesson.


  1. Ooooh, nice topic
    you right 100%, we 've to try to get some experience, and we 've to fail to success (to learn from our mistakes).

  2. I Love This ...

    I will summarize it by saying:

    Be Free.

  3. Manna
    Thanks girl, its all about as Kamal said, Being Free and try everything, failing is part of the FUN

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