Sunday, August 23, 2009

Firefox 3.5 is Buggy! (Poll)

Is it just me or is Firefox 3.5 has gone out of whack?

Since I installed it (both in my Mac and Windows) It never cease to give me the message "Well, this is embarrassing" or in my MacBook "We're sorry". I get this message approximately everyday.

I found the previous releases much more stable than this one, here some of the errors I've been getting in both windows and Mac.

Here is a quick poll

Do you find Firefox 3.5 unstable?


  1. did not use it since 3.0.1 "I think"...

    try using Chrome, very nice and powerful browser

  2. Yes everybody is recommending Chrome,
    But I really like FF because of its nice plugins
    like Pronounce and the Spell checker..

  3. I think I've just about had it with Firefox. Instantly 3.5 was screwy. It messed up my computer pretty badly everything went haywire. So, I uninstalled 3.5 and reinstalled 3.1 and there were still more problems than when I had 3.1 the first time. I like Chrome, I only wish Chrome had some toolbars, etc.

  4. Yeah from the poll i notice 48% didn't like the 3.5 version

    Chrome is still the candidate

  5. Hi! Came by your site by accident looking for a solution to Firefox crashing. The same thing happens to me every now and then. Hope they come up with a fix!

    Downloaded Opera 10 and boy is that great! It's worth giving it a go!

  6. Hey Peter
    Yeah that's why I opened this poll! I get constant errors and crashing hope they'll fix it ..

    Thanks for the recommendation, will try Opera and compare ..


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