Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Cool Mashup of Google Maps + Google Earth + Yahoo Maps + Bing Maps

A lot of Maps applications are being developed recently. Each with its pros and cons, I recently wrote an article that compares Google Maps VS Bing Maps. People seem to like it.

So the Punch line, I decided to create a cool mashup that combines 4 Maps applications,
  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Earth
  3. Bing Maps
  4. Yahoo Maps
When you zoom or pan in Google Maps ALL 4 Maps are getting updated instantly!

Click Here for the MashUp

Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

My website has been featured in Kim Kamando show in 1-9-2009


  1. I love it, but the GE mashup doesn't work.

  2. Thanks Andrew

    it works for me
    you just update the Google Maps and all the four gets updated

  3. Unbelievable...I got the url from Kim Komando..I actually saw my actual home...neat n thanks

  4. Thanks Fred for your great comment,

    Glad you liked it :)

  5. Excellent. Prior to discovering this via Kim Komando's site today, I would manually open all three or even more map sites to find things on one that others may have omitted. Now I have this fantastic tool. Any possibility of being able to build a link into each individual tiny map so as to open a full size map at that particular website? Thanks again.

  6. Got this off the Kim Komando site today. I like it. Thanks so much.

  7. Excellent. I would like to see an arrow pointing to a specific address.

  8. @Gary
    You're welcomed Glad to have you in my blog :)

    When I wrote this website a week ago I designed it as per my 13" resolution which is quite small and now its Featured in Kim Komando WOW, I would do more enhancements for sure, Thanks for your suggestion :)

    You are welcomed, glad it helps just throw your comments or suggestions to enhance the small tool

    Thanks Carey for your suggestion will work on that ;)

  9. Found out about it today from Kim Komando ... thank you so much, this is great.

  10. @janette
    thanks alot for your comment
    glad you like it :)

  11. Hat's off to Kim Komando (as always), look foward to all her info on what's new on the net.

  12. I am missing open street map in the mashup, I tink that would be more helpfull than the google earth plugin, as google earth and google maps use the same data

  13. Thanks chris

    Good suggestion

    Will work on it soon

  14. I also immediately missed having OSM, in particular because the 3 map source above are all completely wrong for my area, whereas OSM is correct (because i fixed it :-)

    Having the side-by-side shows many fascinating things! Thanks.

  15. Fantastic post. Here’s a tool that helps create Map Mashup providing a step-by-step wizard that generates ready-to-deploy code on any website or blog


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