Friday, August 21, 2009

How to add Social Bookmarking to your Blogger (Sharing is Sexy)

Writing great content is indeed the best method to make your blog popular. It would be even greater if you could allow people to easily share your posts over their favorite social media.

Sharing is Sexy is one of the easiest and coolest way to bookmark your posts. I just installed it in my blog, thought it might be interesting to add it to your blog too.

For Blogspot
Follow this link for the full tutorial for blogspot users.

For Wordpress
Wordpress users its actually a built-in plug-in download it here.

I discovered it from this post


  1. As always, nice and ahndy articles

    Thanks Hussain Basha :p

  2. As always, nice and handy * articles

    Thanks Hussain Basha :p

  3. Anything for a great friend :D
    glad it was of use

  4. really this is very nice and sexy idea
    i'll try to put it in my blog
    thanx brother ;)

  5. @manna
    yes try to put it, its great and kinda easy just take a back up

  6. That's a great collection! Thank you, we had a lot of fun to browse through all the links although there are a couple which don't work anymore!!!



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