Monday, August 24, 2009

Export Map Image URL From ArcGIS Server

Trust me, until now, I didn't find any code that does just that, so I decided to write my own.

When you press the tool it will extract the image from ArcGIS server Map into a URL Image that can be used to do various things. The image will be a snapshot of the current map including the symbology and the current enabled layers.

In the sample I open the image into a new Page. You can manipulate this URL (it looks like this http://yourserver/agsOutput/_ags_mapd106d2f23eff437a81c65aec65177759.png) in both the Server and the Client side to do whatever you want, like send it to Twitter, Facebook, email or simply print with a particular web template.

Don't bother yourself digging through the code, the code is few lines only and all written in this class "ExportImage.vb"

I hope you it will be of use. Enjoy

This is the source code in 9.2 VB.NET 2005.

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