Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Randy's 11 Time Management Tips

In his book the Last Lecture, Dr Randy Pausch has listed a great time management tips that I love to share with you guys.

1. On your desk have only one task in front of you
With this you will have no distractions, and you can learn to focus.

2. Get a speaker phone
Now you can be productive when on hold

3. Telephone - Keep calls short
Keeping the calls short will save you more time. Stand during call

4. Telephone - Start by announcing goals for the call
If you set goals to the goal you will simply try to accomplish them by the end of the call and hence finish the call quickly.

5. Telephone - Don’t put your feet up
This is the comfort mode, aka more time.

6. Telephone - Have something in view to do next
So you can rush the call and do it.

7. Telephone - Have an excuse ready to get off the phone.
If the call dragged so long, slam that excuse.

8. Telephone - Prepare something fun to do after the call
So you are motivated to finish quickly.

9. Best time for Group calls
11:30am (before lunch) and 4:30pm (before quitting time) so people will not stay on the phone long.

10. Write hand written thank you notes
Its always faster

11. Make your office comfortable for youand optionally comfortable for Scheduling Yourself

You don’t find time for important things, you make it
Everything you do is an opportunity cost Learn to say “No”

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