Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twikemon - Pokemon on Twitter

I talked to my friend Anders yesterday about that. I am planning to create a small game for twitter users.

I'm keeping in mind the following

1. The game should be simple, web based
2. You login with your twitter account using oAuth.
3. Choose your character, Pokemon, and then start the journey.
4. When you fight with a player and you won, automatically a twit is sent to your profile, "just beat player X on #Twikemon"
5. You can fight with computers too.
6. The more you play, you get more experience.
7. The more experience you get, you get more levels, you attack is now stronger and new moves.

Now that is the basic structure, I'm planning to make it very simple and mind the performance.

Ideas are welcome.

I won't be sad if didn't catch up, I'll be having fun developing it.

I can promise to do my best.

The site is up and running