Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm successful and I don't care about you

The Good Side
You are successful, with a great pay!

You have great and creative ideas. People refer to you as the guru in the company. You were responsible for the company success for the past 10 years.

The Bad Side
But there is something really bad. You don't like to listen to anyone.

You pretend to listen but you just edit out all the talk you hear. People can feel it.

You think your success is because you don't listen to people's ideas because (as you claim) they "infect" your own creative ideas. Superstitious, but you don't admit it.

You will Never Achieve ANY Further Success
That's why you don't care about people ideas and you do everything by your own. You know, deep inside, that its wrong, but you associate this bad behavior with your own success. You cannot thrive with that behavior, you won't reach any further success.

Upgrade your Thoughts and Learn the Art of Listening
You need to "upgrade" your thoughts and treat people with respect because you are not the only successful person on earth. Really think. Do you do that? do you associate some bad behavior with your success?
For example, if you are a manager, do you treat your employees harshly because you think they respect you this way?

You don't thank anybody for a great job she did because you think that if you thank her she will be spoiled?

I recommend Marshal Goldsmith Book. It changed the way I think.


  1. Rightly said Hussein. As I mentioned in a previous Post, Success could become a liability since it breeds reckless behavior. Just relying on previous successes leads to failure. There are more lesson learned in failures than in successful undertakings. Life is a continuous learning process, one should be humble enough to keep on learning.

  2. @Elie
    "Just relying on previous successes leads to failure."

    As you told me before, the most important thing is the attitude of a person, and there are more lessons in failures.

    The willingness to fail is one of the important things.


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