Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Programming Zen

You might laugh when you read the title if you are a marketing manager.

Programmers are always being thought as code monkeys. They are the cogs that automate the business requirements. Nobody cares how the developer writes the code as long as it run.

ًWriting VS Programming
Just like writing, code can be written in a whole paragraph or it can be divided in multiple paragraphs.

Just like writing, you can refine your code or you can cut it down.

Just like writing, you can write books or textbooks or novels or even comics.

Just like writing, the more appendices you have the better.

Just like a presentation, the more lines and borders, the more confusing your reader get.

Now Map the paragraphs to classes, books to applications, textbooks to code libraries, novels to ERP and comics to scripts.

There is a zen approach to presentation I believe there is a zen approach to programming.

We will find it.