Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work Less

You spend 2 weeks working on a report. Every out and in, double check spelling mistakes and rewriting the executive summary every time.

In 30 minutes your colleague prepares a presentation with 10 slides. 1 word in each slide.

Both of you submit your work. Bang! your friend gets the credit and you get the "but thanks".

Elie illustrates Pareto's law here. How 20% of our work can lead to 80% of results. The challenge is to identify that 20% of your work that impact. Its not easy at all just like the concept of writing less.


  1. I will add more to the Pareto Law shortly. It is important to classify the tasks based on what should be done by you and what could be done by you or anyone else. That would be one of the criteria to redefine your priorities and to delegate more tasks.

  2. @Elie
    Yes that what managers especially should do .. "Delegate",

    microMangers do their jobs and others jobs too and want details about everything..

  3. This happens when people gets management role without any proper training/experience after assuming technical roles. The tendency would be to go back to details and to lose the big picture.

  4. @Elie
    Yes I remember you telling me this once..

    Its really nice to have your here where everybody can get use of your knowledge :)


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