Thursday, May 7, 2009

EarthTwit launch (Twitter + Google Earth)

Today the 7th May 2009, one month past the launch of geShout, I have launched a service on top of geShout to allow Twitter users use Google Earth to share locations and landmarks.

I used Twitter API and Google Earth API with my knowledge in PHP to build that.

What remains is to use oAuth and let Twitter approve my application. So twitter can identify the source. example: about 1 hour f.

This would be the first attempt to integrate Twitter with Google Earth.

Let me know your comments and suggestions.

Enjoy earthtwiting



  1. This is a great undertaking! Instead of posting your location on twitter you can immediately redirect people to where you are!
    Keep up your great work.

  2. Nice indeed. Now, we should let more twitter users know of this application.

  3. @Elie

    Thanks Elie, yes you can say for example, I'm enjoying a meal in my favorite restaurant here,,

    Yes, I hope people can get use of this

    the only limitation is the burden of the downloading the plug-in ... people hate that..

    I think I should create a side project too besides earthtwit..

    maptwit.. (Google Maps)

    twit a map.. Google maps doesn't require downloading any plug-in ...

  4. Talking about plug-ins.. Since I'm stuck with windows and still love Apple software I use Safari (on windows) on daily basis. Unfortunately, the plug-in doesn't exist for Safari on windows.. So I have to start up FireFox (which I normally wouldn't do).. THAT's not very Mac-ish I think.

  5. @Anders,
    Yes Google Earth is working to on supporting most of the browsers,,
    its only available for IE/FireFox and Chrome I guess


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