Saturday, May 9, 2009

MapTwit launch (Twitter + Google Maps)

After I launched EarthTwit, the limitations started to appear. Downloading the plug-in for Google Earth costs. It costs time, it costs memory. Some people can't download it due to some permission on their machines.

Google Maps on the other hand work on most browsers without a plug-in. It loads faster too ( check this) . You will only miss the Earth spherical look on Google Earth.

So how about if we make people twit maps?

Meet MapTwit

I love you all my dear readers. If you have suggestions don't hesitate :)


  1. Not that EarthTwit was bad, 'cus it wasn't, but MapTwit is great! This is mostly due to the plug-in but still..

    And your new look at - I simply love it! The logos and everything. Simple and wonderful!

    One thing you might consider Hussein, is shorten the MapTwit down to 140 characters like Twitter itself.

    I'll try MapTwit out for a few more hours and come back to you with an update.

    And one more thing; I love that I can use it on my iPhone ;)

  2. @Anders,
    Yes that's what I want, just enjoy using it, whatever bothers you tell me so we can fix it...

    MapTwit will work on IPhone as well..

    We can build an IPhone application for MapTwit, since EarthTwit is not yet supportep.

    As for the limit in MapTwit and Earth twit,, i'll fix it.. Thanks for that remark

  3. An iPhone application would be cool.

    (Unfortunately I don't know very much about the iPhone program language), if it is different than yours (what is your programming language btw?) wouldn't be hard to make the app? You have to learn a new language, which isn't easy.

    Step away from all the difficulties and think of the fun, and awesomeness! Oh yeah, it would be darn cool to make an iPhone app!

  4. @Anders
    IPhone programming language is Objective C,
    and yes it is different than from what I am programming with PHP.

    But hey, you can learn any programming language easily.. you need week if you are familiar with programming :)

    And yes it would be so cool to have it.. just open MapTwit in your IPhone and type your status..

    need some work..
    will start soon and have fun

  5. That's Hussein. Always innovating. Wait, are you sure you are not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? :D

    Yeah, IPhone uses Objective-C and maybe the Cocoa framework. (not sure)

  6. @Cody
    looool no I'm Hussein still long way to reach those gurus :p

    Yes exactly the Cocoa framework, I developed a Hello World application with that..

  7. Hussein! You made it Again. Congratulations.

  8. @Elie
    Thanks Elie, let us enhance this together..

  9. thats great!!!

    unfortunately the site didn't work on my Chrome..

    but I try it on IE8 and was amazing...

  10. @mhm
    Glad you liked it. :)

    Good that you told me its not working in the Chrome.. I'll check it out..


  11. I already have some wild ideas :)! Will discuss soon...

  12. Can you please fix the error with your mas unfollow tool


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