Sunday, May 10, 2009

TwitTube launch (Twitter Trends + YouTube)

When I login to Twitter, on the right pane I see a list of what Twitter calls "trends". Those are the most commonly words being discussed in Twitter in a given period.

Frankly I don't recognize most of them so I need to go to YouTube and search for that trend. Like for instance Apple Shampoo!.

Shhhh I also knew the Swine Flu from those trends.

Then it hits me. What if I used Twitter API to read the latest trends and then use YouTube API to feed the trends to?

Well, you get TwitTube.



  1. Here you go again! Nice Integration. This is a new trend in convergence of web technologies :)

  2. Here's some of the ideas that we talked about and some that we didn't.

    The auto-update feature. twitTube will have a code that automatically updates the trends. Here you have to work with booth the TwitterAPI and the YouTubeAPI I guess.
    If you accomplish this one, it's great!

    We talked about including #s and including both #s and regular words. I think you fixed this didn't you? Booth is integrated as far as I see.

    About recommending videos for a user. Analyze what they tweet about and then offer videos within the same topic. Really interesting!

    That was about it I guess. If some or all of these features will be added it would be even better!

    I just came up with an idea/improvement while I was writing:

    If you get the auto-update, let users search for more trends and then give them videos. You see, from a designer's perspective (even though I'm no designer at all) I think it would be cleaner to not offer that many videos right away.
    See if you offer like 20 videos in the main page, it would be messy and load slow.

    Maybe you could show just top 3 trends with videos and let the rest of the trends in from a sidebar..

    THAT was about it. Great concept and integration Hussein!

  3. @Elie,
    I'm glad we are doing something new to change the world..


    I love your Ideas as I told you thanks for bringing them in here..

    I'll work on them when I find the time

  4. Wow, great job guys. You're taking a good thing and making it better.


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