Monday, May 11, 2009

It's easy

I'm referring to those who stand far away and point at the successful person

"Aha she just used that feature and combined it with this feature to create her niche, anyone can do that. That's easy."

Yes It's easy, but do you have the gut to do it?

Once you hear someone says that, mind that you had upset him so bad because he defends mediocre.


  1. Yes. Are you secretly also referring to programming? Wether you are or not, programming is a niche were the work is hidden. People, like myself, have no idea of how much work that is going in to developing the software.

    I've just played around with very, very basic java for a week now, and I tend to see a bit of how much work it really is.

    But, of course, it could certainly be many other niches too.

  2. @Anders
    Yes I am refering to everything basically..
    Someone can create a niche by mere combining two things together..

    p.s. I wrote that post from my Nokia E71 :p

  3. It is like reading the solution to a problem and then stating how easy it is to resolve!

  4. @Elie
    Totally correct..!

    That's the point am trying to communicate.


  5. Yeah. When I was still taking up statics, we would be given a problem which would really make our brows sweat. After the solution was given, everything would seem to be simple. People would say, "Why didn't I think of that!".

    After the problem is solved, things start to look easy. They forgot how difficult it was when the problem was first encountered. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    And yes, it happens a lot in programming. People don't know the amount of code behind even a simple text editor. Looking at the code of an open source project like Scintilla is very illuminating.

    But we don't have to go far. Even this particular page here needs a lot to be done in order for it to display as it is. If you are using Firefox, try View|Page source.


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