Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twitter Trends: What people really talk about

Finding what people are really interested in is difficult. Newspapers don't discuss what people are obsessed about. They merely "collect" discrete news and consolidate them together in a paper.

Twitter Trends are topics twitters mostly talk about. You really want to see what people are talking about? Check twitter trending topic. You can see the current , daily or weekly trends.

I noticed that after I integrated Twitter Trends with YouTube into what I called "TwitTube"

Now you've got a list of HOT topics, pick one and start a niche on.

That's pure Web 2.0


  1. Another way to determine what people are talking about is to go through the following hot searches on google and yahoo:
    The same could be applicable on msn, ...
    You add to them the ones in twitter, you look for the most 10 common trends/searches/twits and use TrendTube :) to display them

  2. @Elie
    !! nice ,, didn't knew Google have trends ..
    I'll tab into that ;)

    and your idea is the best .. to find the common trends and display them.. that's what people are talking about .

  3. Wow. These are great ideas. So very helpful specially if you are developing a new product and you want to know what hits.

    Great also for investors as it might give them ideas as to what companies people love and hate at the moment.

    This could make Twitter a valid business tool.

  4. @Cody
    Exactly man , you can get use of those trends and as Elie said combining Google and Yahoo trends could be even much greater way ..

    this should be the next web ... finding what people really talk about .. and do the job


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