Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Twitter is a useful tool. Its handy. Simple to use. Less boring as I don't need to read zillions words to get the point.

Just type what you are doing in 140 characters or less and interested people will get it.

Developers started to build really nice websites and clients on top of twitter. I spent the last week playing with the twitter API and I have some good news for you.

I will create a new website, that allow you to login using your twitter account. You can then twit Google Earth locations and landmark. That's the only function on the site.

The site will contain Google Earth plug-in, a Box to type your status and one Update button.

The name of the site is earthtwit.

Lets hear your comments and suggestions.

EDIT: The site is up and running now
visit it here
or from

MEET EarthTwit


  1. This is really interesting Hussein.

    You're saying you are about to launch a Twitter application?

    I'll guess this would be a mix-up between twitter and geShout?

    I just have one quick remark: make it clean and simple.
    That way you'll not only make your website better, you'll also continue twitter's traditions and the way twitter.com work.


  2. @Anders
    Yes this is a twitter application if you like
    And no its not a mix between geShout and twitter, its a dependent website. geShout.com will still be up and running ..


    Thanks Anders I will keep your remark into consideration while development.

    Because I have noticed that twitter is so popular why we don't help those people using twitter already sharing locations on google earth ?

  3. yep, looking forward to see this !!!

  4. Why don't you keep this functionality within geShout instead of having a new site for that? This will reinforce geShout and avoid redundancy.

  5. @Chris,
    Thanks man,

    So you are saying let people log in using the geshout account or their twitter account..

    That is really nice
    Kinda like YouTube

    That will be even much easier in development and avoid as you said redundancy

  6. I see three advantages:
    - you can avoid redundant functionalities between the two sites (geshout and earthtwit)
    - deliver twitter experience inside geShout
    - expose geShout to twitter community

  7. @Elie
    I agree,
    As for redundancy, don't worry am using PHP classes,, so I am just placing a request function in the page and the work is done on the class.

  8. earthtwit is up and running


  9. You really are a talented man, Hussein. I don't have a twitter account. But maybe, I'll be getting one soon.


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