Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 6 (Why?)s

When you have an idea you tend to naturally defend it even if it sucks. Worst, some people don't ever admit a tiny possibility that they just might be wrong.

Can you Be Wrong?
When you have an idea or new system or a business structure or a market niche or a model or a paradigm and you want to make a point, try this, ask yourself why? then answer.

Ask yourself again why? Then answer.

Ask up to 6 whys. And answer each time. You'll feel much better while presenting your idea.

That's a tip I learned from the PresentationZen book.

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  1. very true Hussein! You see a lot of people selling ideas without having a clue on why in the first place this idea is there and for what purpose. If you cannot sell it to yourself, don't even try to sell it to others. It reminds me of a presentation I saw yesterday. The poor guy was promoting something obsolete on an obsolete platform. Go Wonder :)!

  2. @Elie,

    Yes! i've seen alot of presentations (especially in the GIS day) people just reading slides!

    They don't even know why they are presenting, they just want they name to be listed! I don't know..

    The only reason for a presentation is to make a point.

  3. That is a great idea. Something worth pondering before turning on the projector.

  4. @Cody
    before even writing your presentation


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