Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick and Dirty

Sometimes I love to switch to that side. Its easy and quick and simple. But there is an equalizer I need adjust.

Programmers blame me sometimes for using QD methods.

When I want to develop a cure for a virus I used to use VB5, (Yes I used to do that when antiviruses takes long time to recognize an unleashed virus) . I love VB5. Simple and quick compiling, It can run on all windows even Windows 95 without the need of any additional dlls.

Note that I don't need framework. I give my users a single exe and it does the job right. Quick and dirty.

However, when I setup my mind to do an complex and sophisticated system that have many components. I use VB.NET, before I write any single line of code, I design the Object Model Diagram OMD (I love that part).

That's the most important experience before doing any coding. Getting familiar with design patters is also an important step before development.

So if you are a developer, you need to set that equalizer just right.