Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick and Dirty

Sometimes I love to switch to that side. Its easy and quick and simple. But there is an equalizer I need adjust.

Programmers blame me sometimes for using QD methods.

When I want to develop a cure for a virus I used to use VB5, (Yes I used to do that when antiviruses takes long time to recognize an unleashed virus) . I love VB5. Simple and quick compiling, It can run on all windows even Windows 95 without the need of any additional dlls.

Note that I don't need framework. I give my users a single exe and it does the job right. Quick and dirty.

However, when I setup my mind to do an complex and sophisticated system that have many components. I use VB.NET, before I write any single line of code, I design the Object Model Diagram OMD (I love that part).

That's the most important experience before doing any coding. Getting familiar with design patters is also an important step before development.

So if you are a developer, you need to set that equalizer just right.


  1. You are absolutely right. Sometimes to test a concept you need to be Quick and Dirty. Once you have it up and running then you can follow the right development approach.
    Hussein, I do miss your QD prototyping! Your equalized is working just fine.

  2. Thanks Elie for the comment

    You are right, sometimes you need to just do it quick for prototyping

    once i'm back from Oman, I'll do much more QD prototyping ;)

  3. I think you are reading my mind man!

    Imagine that you want to write simple program, you will be forced to write many configuration lines to get it works if you are using .NET! It's just a simple program that get display one picture from stream source!

  4. @Haythoo
    you are right man, sometimes its just easier to work with ready built things and build a quick and dirty prototype ..

    wasting the time to go through design phase while building a small program that will not make that impact is not practicle...

    This is like applying the 80/2o rule..

  5. I agree. Prototyping is important. Though in QD methods, wouldn't Ruby or Python be better tools than VB?

  6. @Cody
    Sure python and Ruby are the best choice
    except I don't know how to use them :p

    Thanks for dropping by

  7. I like quick N dirty solutions too :p

    i once watched a video once ruby was released, the presenter built a forum using Ruby in few minutes !

  8. @Moe Zainal
    SO TRUE man

    I really want to try Ruby, do you have any reference to that video/references that might help to start!

    Everybody is into this Ruby... should add it to the CV once learned..

  9. A little late on this one, but you raise a curious question about supported platforms - James Fee's blog said recently that neither VB6 nor Win2K will be supported by ESRI next year - begs the question, how many such users are there globally? The oil multinational I worked at earlier this year is still on Win2K, & below is an interesting stat from JF's blog. Do you have, or know of stats on proportions of various Windows versions?

    Author: atanas entchev
    Win2K shows up in about 9% of my web logs.


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