Monday, May 25, 2009

FileTwit: Ever felt like twitting your files?

Have a document, a pdf, a presentation, a video, a picture, a file that you want to share in twitter?

You can use Rapidshare to upload it. Get the link. Then go to twitter and twit the link.

Or you can install FileTwit. Then just right click on any file you want to share in twitter and select "Twit this file!.

FileTwit is a client application built for windows that uses Twitter API.
FileTwit uploads the file, creates the link and asks you to type something before it twits it.

Download the package from here.

Unzip, and run setup.bat. That's it.

Go to the file you want to twit, right click on it, select Twit this file. The application will authenticate you for the first time. Please test it guys and tell me if anything went wrong, its working fine for me and Anders

Thanks a lot.



  1. WAW!

    I have an idea, what about encryption in twitter!

    RSA for example?
    I'm working on that

    but I'm searching for a method that generate prime numbers, and got no result until now!

    I found this nice site which provide free prime numbers list

  2. Encryption with twitter sounds promosing..
    but where exactly shall we apply it ?

    perhaps I want to encrypt a twit so only people who know the key can decrypt it..

    I have some ideas too that will right about ..but need to think of an application..

    Compressing a twit ?
    translating a twit ?

  3. It's will be for who wants secure twitting :|

    No, I know your public key, and you know mine, you encrypt a message for me using my public key, no body will can read this message, only me, then I reply using your public key, and no body could catch your message!
    It's will be like that we are using pm's and, all people know that, and they want to see what we are talking about, but they can't!

    about Compressing, it's hard, how could you compress a word without losing the meaning, unless you will create a dictionary for that, or all users will be forced to refere to your website to uncompress there messages!

    about the translating, it's cool idea man! google api's will help!

  4. @Haythoo,
    Makes sense,

    Although you can protect your updates from twitter itself.. but using this encryption you can even encrypt messages that even twitter themselves cannot decrypt ;)

    again you have to have website for people to refer to for decryption..

  5. Considering that a lot of people are already on Twitter, this is a good application.

  6. @Cody
    Twitter is waiting for you ;)

    another site is already online having the same concept


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