Friday, May 22, 2009

TwitColr Twit Color schemes is a website that allows you to play with colors and color schemes, create your own color schemes and much more.

I was visiting that site, and I've seen that it has an API. Hence I've integrated the twitter API with API and created what I called TwitColr.

Why is it useful? Its just an easier why to see random color schemes and share it in Twitter. I might add some features to search colors by Tag. Example, give me colors with Cheese tag.

This is great for Designers to share colors with other designers via Twitter.

Visit TwitColr


  1. You are great man!
    you keep suprising me with your great ideas!

  2. @Haythoo,
    Long time man!
    where were you

    thanks a lot for the comment :)

    Let us see your valuable comments and ideas more often in the blog

  3. @Haythoo,
    He not only has great ideas, he also implements them! Cheers to our friend.

  4. @Cody
    Thanks for the compliment man :)
    I just implement new ideas whether it could be used and not, it give me a horizon over new other ideas.

    Next is fileTwit, imagine you have a file , you right click on it.. and a context menu appear Twit This File!

    It will be uploaded, get the link then post it to twitter..


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