Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Research: Saving feelings "Digitally"

The brain has two memorizing mechanisms.

You can remember an event clearly if it happened concurrently with another event that touched your emotions at the same time span.

For example, most of you can remember clearly where you were when the 9/11 events happened.

The other approach is done by repeating something over and over until it get written to the brain. Of course this is not as effective as the emotional memory.

Lets talk about the first day of your wedding. You were extremely happy and while you are in that mode, your wife puts a new perfume that you never smelled before. That's it, that perfume will act like a pointer to this happy event, and it will keep pointing to that happy moment all the time.

After ten years if you smell that perfume, it will be indexed through the brain, point back to that emotion and restore it. Of course unless if that pointer didn't get 'overwritten' by some other memory.

Here is a great way of saving feelings and read it back.

The smell is a signal sent to the brain. If we could integrate this in the Human API I talked about few months ago. Psychics could use that to remove the depression from people and tap back the great moments.

The Human API can search the brain for happy moments and associated indexes/pointers (Like perfumes, paintings, colors, etc..) And send the signals when needed.

I know. I'm crazy.


  1. Say that a certain smell reminds you of a happy moment, keep smelling it and eventually it will no longer make you happy, maybe cause smelling it over and over will eventually overwrite that happy moment with the moment you were in when you last smelled it, the API is more complex that it sounds :)

  2. @Yaseen
    the reason is that as you smell it, other events are occuring,

    so that smell will have multiple entries and will point to more than one event..

    we are talking about that smell which is so unique that it just corresponds for one happy event

    The API is so complex to be achieved it needs imagination

    Thanks for dropping by

  3. No you are not crazy.

    I will not comment about the blog itself but about the way of you are and relating and communicating sciences and technologies to the mental and spiritual human assets.

    This very important Hussein this is the real work ... Since having one writing poems and articles without digging the soil for food will have no real value or feedback...The other way, having the person digging the soil without a poem or article tracking his work, then he will stay digging without reaching the required results...

    Your blog is very logical and simple .. Habet lfekra :).

  4. Thanks Kamal,

    You are right, and besides I try to remove all the barriers and technical limitations as I write that's why my writings sound irration sometimes..

    I like that

  5. Whoa! Great exchange going on here. I agree with all of you guys.

    Nice post, Hussein. A great observation by Yaseen too. And Kamal is right that this is an area where work needs to be done. Splendid!

  6. @Cody
    I miss your comments
    Thanks Man for taking the time to read it,

    though it is difficult to be implemented it is just a branch of my imagination.


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