Monday, May 4, 2009

Sorry its a Technical Limitation, but Thanks!

That's what you get from senior people at your organization when you try fight mediocre.

I do that too, if I like the current system or I'm just not in the mode to change or I'm too experienced with it. I would tell you the same. Sorry Its a technical limitation, we can't do it. But Thanks anyway!

What does Technical Limitation
Type "Technical Limitation" in Microsoft Word.
Right click -> Point to Synonym

You will get the following:
  1. I don't feel like doing it.
  2. The current system is doing fine.
  3. I want to leave the office early.
  4. Go away.
  5. Not part of the contract.
  6. Pay more.
  7. That would ruin my experience.

I decided to delete that from my dictionary.

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