Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wants vs Needs

You don't need an IPhone. You want one.

It is cool and fun and worth talking about. You can easily start a conversation with someone on one of the IPhone features. It is an idea virus.

My wife is infected with the IPhone ideavirus.

"Honey, look I can fish with my IPhone."
"Honey, look I can change the TV channel from my IPhone. See ..."
"Honey, Can I borrow you VISA to buy this application? I couldn't find a crack for it."

Doesn't matter if people need your product or not. Just make sure your product can easily starts conversations and it will spread. Try to avoid the "So Whats".

If you need to call someone this should be more than enough.


  1. Wants vs. needs.

    great point!

  2. @Seth,

    Thanks for dropping by agent of change.

  3. Yes, Apple's design stirs the emotion to want the product despite the logical conclusion that you don't need it. Nice post.

  4. Apple also makes some people "need" the iphone, those people are mobile software developers who wish to sell their software on apple store :)

  5. @Cody
    That charm of Apple is really amazing.. it also turns wants into Needs as Yaseen said..

    Correct,, I started to develop my first IPhone Hello World. That want might be converted into a need one day.

  6. True, true. They create a product, make you want it, then make you need it. Cool.


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