Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Press the red button

Do you have something fun and worth talking about?

Just Start. Start now. Fail often. Enjoy the ride.

P.S. Promise to keep your niche less annoying please.


  1. Good Old Atari.... Yes I am that old and this used to be our much beloved Joystick :)!
    Simple, intuitive and hours of fun...

  2. @Elie,
    it turns that you are too old.

    This joystick is actually better then your Michael's Wee :D

    One button that controls all the games in Atari..

    Actually i have two goals from this post..
    One is to remind us how simple to use the products were and how difficult it is getting..

    Second is if you have something fun and remarkable just start it .. and fail often ..


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