Monday, May 4, 2009

An Idea: Matching Clothing

Women spend hours in the mall shopping. They love to match clothing and accessories.

"It's art", my wife claims.

Here's an idea that will make married men life easier (I hope).

Attach a device at your shop that scans the color of a top and propose matching clothes pieces based on the color. Only clothes available will be displayed with their location in the store.


  1. ...well that's a great idea - not only to make man's life easier, think of all the stressed women without having the time for endless shopping. time is money and your device could help saving time.

  2. @Anonymous
    that's right
    Thanks for your comment dear friend

    save the time

  3. Yeah, I am so gonna like that. At least you can focus on the colors that matches well. That will significantly cut off choices which are irrelevant anyway.

  4. I don't see that applying to clothes or shoes, it's not the color as much as it is the style (for women), maybe for bags?

  5. @Layla,
    Excellent We do need some feminine input in that idea..

    It seems that its not that easy to create an idea to help women.

    maybe if we show different options would it help?

  6. hehe, ya it's not easy, we'll just criticize any idea. besides, the fun is in those hours looking for things.

    you can have like a database for all items {categorized} in bahrain, where to find them, price , ..etc =p

  7. @Layla,
    Yeah it seems no idea will work with you :p

    having a database is difficult because it will be difficult to update, lets run this on a particular shop..

    Call your girl friends and let them participate in the debate to enhance your "shopping" experience

  8. LOL! how lazy can one be that they cannot look around one shop.! it takes less than a minute

    updating could be done by the shop people, that way they can enhance their business =p

  9. loooool
    yeah yeah you remind me of my wife
    she just look at the window of the shop..
    "Naah not what i am looking for! "

    Good idea, if shop is interested in their database being populated they'll update personally..

    And people can look it online!

    You are clever!


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