Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google builds translation engine for Arabish language (Sh5bar)

Salam 3lekom
Sh5barkom enshalla 6ayben?
Atamna lekom kel altwfee8 ya 8ra2y al23zaa2.

You will not get a single word if you are not familiar with Arabish language. (Not Arabic)

In the early start of the computers, Arabic wasn't supported in the internet chats and room. So the middle east guys invented this new language that mutate Arabic letters but in English.

The numbers stands for Arabic letters.

Now that isn't official, but a lot of people still use it (including me).

Why I am writing about it now?

Well, it seems Google never gets tired, they've developed an API to translate Arabish to pure Arabic!

I've pulled an example out to my website here it is.

Google just fires at well!