Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be the best in my world

You can't afford to be the best in "the" world.

Every consumer has his own world. One's world might be Twitter applications. Another consumer's world might be the Electric High-Voltage maneuvering with GIS.

Utilize that world, find a market niche (a very small one) and hammer it with all your power.

Know the 80/20 rule. You may have developed something so large and so big aiming for the mass average people. Sadly, that won't work anymore.

  • The best Social Marketing Blogger.
  • The best kids Shoe Maker.
  • The best IPhone social network application developer.
  • The best Linux to Windows Application Programmer.
  • The best hacker? No. The best bank ATM hacker.
  • The best Mac applications cracker.

And you'll get the best middle name ever.

  • Elie The Social Marketing Blogger.
  • John The Kids Shoe Maker.
  • Jasmin The IPhone social network developer.
  • Cody The Linux to Windows programmer.
  • Yaseen The ATM hacker.
  • Anders The Mac Cracker.

So, be "the" best in my world.