Saturday, May 16, 2009

EarthTwit: Just Tweet for Stars, if it feels right!

I've added a new feature to EarthTwit.

You can now share stars, weird clouds of dust, the Sun or different planets.

Tweet anything on the sky with your friends and start discussions easily.


  1. Wow. You're making this thing even more fun. I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy this. I know I will if work is not taking more and more of my time. Great work, Hussein. You are going places.

  2. @Cody
    thanks man, ideas just pop into my head as I code..

    hope people will like it

    i guess lovers now can share their stars too :pPp

    honey, this is our star :p

  3. Another really cool feature. I haven't explored the Google Sky, so I got quite a shock (positively) when I saw it on eartTwit!

    Simply great!

    Keep up your good wild ideas Hussein! :)

  4. @Anders,
    Feel free to add your fabulous ideas to it you destroyer!

  5. @Hussein, lol you really are a lover boy! ;p

  6. @Cody
    THanks man :)
    let me get your ideas and apply them

  7. Thanks Laureano for your comment :)


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