Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mathematical Induction

Iron is a metal, it enlarges with heat. So does copper, magnesium, sodium ... OK lets just conclude that all metals enlarges with heat.

You form a rule or a formula and prove it with a set of examples. If you didn't find an example that contradicts your rule, you win. That's Mathematical Induction.

We do that in business too. We know deep inside its not 100% correct, but it helps in making decisions.

E.g. We bought 5 HP Laptops for our company. All of them constantly stuck showing the BSOD. It seems they can't handle our Software. That's it no HP Laptops anymore for our business.

Now I'm not saying this induction is correct but we tend to use it all the time. Its kinda related to a post a wrote about inertia.