Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flexibility = Stability + Compromise - Simple

Windows is flexible. The lefties at Microsoft keep things organized in a way to make the user do everything with windows.

Enabling the registry (regedit.exe) is an excellent flexible backdoor. But this just deforms the simplicity and adds more compromise factor to windows.

You may have wondered why we have so
many viruses for windows right?

Don't get me wrong, I love that feature in windows, I can do anything with windows. It works out for lefties I guess.

We could adjust that equalizer to control the level of flexibility vs compromise and simplicity to reach a reasonable accepted system.

You may freely argue with it, that's just what I think.


  1. Well, the opposite is to restrict things on you and the virus.

    The way It should be done is to give you the flexibility yet restrict the virus from having that flexibility.

    Microsoft already crippled many functionalities in order to make the user more secure, like for example you're not allowed to send executables over MSN messenger, it did that to prevent viruses from doing so, this is a weak solution in my opinion, it's like sweeping the dust under the carpet instead of fixing the root cause.

  2. @Yaseen
    And the moment you restrict something you are decreasing flexibility, It means decreasing compromise .

    I see that's why Microsoft disabled that. Not a very efficient solution as you said..

    Thanks for dropping by titi

  3. @Hussein, Compromise is key. The perfect balance is something or somewhere each has to decide for oneself.

    I guess it is a bit like swords. Swords used by medieval Knights are broad and heavy; Japanese Katanas, OTOH, are slim and light. The heavier the sword, the more impact you have but the lesser the speed. (that's why Knights need shields and Samurai warriors don't. Shields cover the time needed to overcome inertia) It's like:

    Impact ---------|-----Speed

    You get to choose where to place the slider. ;)

    @Yaseen, yes, to disable the msn virus, they also disabled the msn user. It's like throwing the baby with the wash water. Why can't they just throw the used water and keep the baby?

  4. @Cody
    I liked the impression about the Swords (I love Japanese swords) And it is so true .

    "that's why Knights need shields and Samurai warriors don't."
    didn't knew that before

    Yes an equalizer ;)

    Thanks for dropping by and giving all these nice comments..


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