Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hard, fake and difficult work

Yes there is a difference.

Hard work is what most people do. There is a by-the-book, pre-written, organized rules and they follow those rules precisely. They work very hard to satisfy themselves and the big whales up the hierarchy.

e.g. The
coordinator who spends nights to do the monthly report for the company.

Fake work is the work people mistakenly think its hard.
e.g. The manager who only sends emails at 3 am while he does literally nothing through the day.

Difficult work is the work people should have guts to do.

e.g. The marketing director who halts the entire ads campaigns and spends the budget on the product quality.

EDIT: Smart work is a mixture of fake and difficult work. You do something difficult once and then you rest doing fake work while your difficult work pays off.

What kind of worker are you?


  1. Hussein,

    I miss everything with you...

    Discussing advanced mental things and communicating in work environment.

    Am interested to know from where you got the above classification. If it is your way to classify the job then this is a very good step...

    But if it is concluded or referenced, then I have the following comments ..

    1 - Work is either Fake or real ... There is no place for Hard or Difficult work.

    Both Fake and real work could be easy or difficult...

    A person can do a hard work, but it might turn out to be Fake and if it is well planned then it should turn out to be real ...

    Hence the final result is either Fake or Real and in between we pass by different types such as easy, Difficult or hard jobs...



  2. There's also the option to work smart.

    Doing both hard work and difficult work efficiently and very fast.

    For example a software developer can achieve that by building an efficient flexible design pattern :)

  3. There is another one you forgot!

    Work = Force X Distance

    Just kidding.;) Anyway, nice post.

  4. @Kamal
    Really nice approach ..
    I read some books and we discussed few things too and I came up with this, I forget to mention that we can mix those three types of work.

    Yes hard work can turn out to be fake, but difficult work if played smart (as yaseen said) can even create a new type of work.

    You could categorize the work into real or fake too,

    thanks for dropping by dear friend.

    Exactly, working smart is an excellent hybrid of using the three types of work.
    That developer can build that system and relax. any other new system he could just tweak his well designed system .. Other developer might work hard to re-write the whole code ..that's smart work. I should add it to the list actually

    That's the most important one :p
    thanks for dropping by

  5. Hence ..

    We finally reach a conclusion is that we have to work smart .... or to think and plan before doing a job ...


    I love this formula "J = N * M" ... actually the energy philosophy and the way it converts and it is conserved is something that we really need to study more about it ... energy is life ...

    I ask Hussein to give us more about the energy subject ...

    Thanks guys this is really interesting ..


  6. @Kamal,
    Thanks for dropping by, having you here is an added value to this post..

    let us see you more oven.


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