Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hard, fake and difficult work

Yes there is a difference.

Hard work is what most people do. There is a by-the-book, pre-written, organized rules and they follow those rules precisely. They work very hard to satisfy themselves and the big whales up the hierarchy.

e.g. The
coordinator who spends nights to do the monthly report for the company.

Fake work is the work people mistakenly think its hard.
e.g. The manager who only sends emails at 3 am while he does literally nothing through the day.

Difficult work is the work people should have guts to do.

e.g. The marketing director who halts the entire ads campaigns and spends the budget on the product quality.

EDIT: Smart work is a mixture of fake and difficult work. You do something difficult once and then you rest doing fake work while your difficult work pays off.

What kind of worker are you?