Friday, April 24, 2009

Device drivers tragedy

Device drivers are the smallest software that can be wrote. Write a driver for a NASA rocket and it will take about 10 MB.

If you format your laptop, and you lost your CD. You visit the vendor website and get lost.

Why you have to download a 50 MB Bluetooth utility when you only need a 200 KB driver?
Why you have to download a 200 MB Graphic utility when you only need a 500 KB driver?
Why you have to suffer finding out what version of LAN network you have, so you know what to download exactly?

Vendors write fancy applications with the drivers that few users really care to use. You just want the device to work. OK. Will it hurts them to make their fancy applications optional?

Seriously Why?
Why don't I have all these problems with my Mac?


  1. It is indeed a tragedy. I am currently having a problem with my laptop and it is easier to reformat my machine than to fix all the messy drivers and garbage that are installed on it... maybe we should consider seriously migrating into Macs. But again, sometimes it is better dealing with the devil we know :)

  2. @Elie,
    lol exactly
    migrating to Mac is costly in terms if our applications, Its difficult to find ArcGIS with Mac .. we need to stick with the devil.

    As for you laptop I really recommend an urgent format I don't know how it is still breathing :s

    Thanks for dropping by

  3. Don't forget the printer. For my HP multi-function printer, I have to download a 100 - 200 MB package. But I think there is also an option to download just the drivers without all the other software like OCR and stuff.

  4. @Cody
    I wish they have an option to download just the drivers I don't remember that..
    Especially for printers..


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