Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Swordsman technique:If you Just do it, you won't suck

You feel so confident before the day of your presentation or your senior seminar project or a job interview. When the moment starts your stamina and level of confidence starts to decrease (most of the time). And then you suck.

You know why? Our brain is a very complex element. It responds to what you think in less than a millisecond, and start triggering events in your body. Those events send neural signals to all over your body and call the hormones up!

Your tongue gets unexpected signals so you mumble the words. Your hand get those signals too so GOD knows how it will react but sure unexpectedly. Your legs, your eyes. You start to sweat. And then you suck!

When you are doing one thing. Do that thing only. Focus your whole brain on that idea or action. A Presentation? Just do the presentation, don't think of losing or winning, don't think if they like you or not. Because the moment you do you have lost.

That's called the Swordsman technique. When the swordsman start his attack he focuses on how to do his technique only. He doesn't think "if I win people will cheer me, and if I lose people will laugh at me". NO. He attacks. He just attacks. The moment his brain collapses between winning and losing he had already lost.

Before I wrote this I was playing ping-pong, I don't know Jack about that game but when I use the Swordsman technique, I really amazes myself.

Read PresentationZen its an engaging book.

Bon Weekend