Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lousy Computer Science Professors

Back in the university. You may have created a great website for one of your projects, and you have worked hard, really hard, to add these exciting features which behind them lay huge lines of codes.
At the day of the presentation, your professor sets leaning at his chair, reading your report and say "Yes, go ahead." You talk, and talk and talk and he ignores all what you are saying. Those links and features and javascript and css and DHTML and XML and yes AJAX, he doesn't care Jack about your features.

So when you start the demo web page he says: "YES the Login screen!, my favorite, please type this in the email field "hus_aa2" and skip the @! OK next: What happen when I insert a date in the birthday field greater than today? OK now type a single quote in this field. Now what if my email already exists. (he start testing the validation till the end of the presentation)

So he keep searching for a bug on the facade of your site and ignores all your work and when he catches a validation error, "Yes -2, " he smiles.
You got really surprise at how naive the way he tests your website trying to break it by any means. You got really angry. I know I've been there body. No names please.

Now, if the professors are focusing on these trivial and lousy and stupid validation methods and avoid teaching the students the core of the websites goal, "How this could benefit the user", we are really in a big trouble.

Our universities (at least here in Bahrain) are pumping web-developers who are very good at validating their site (Left Side of the Brain), but extremely bad at delivering content (Right Side of the Brain).

KISS, keep it simple strategy, deliver your point directly. Avoid fancy codes and too much features. Give the user what he really wants, he doesn't want everything.


  1. Unfortunately I faced this problem with software engineering course inspite of what we did .. they focused on the validation forms to say that yoru implemintation is not that good to get high marks .. it's just like anything else .. it's not fair ..

  2. Unfortunately this is true, but don't let anybody affect your goal. There are and will be always good poeple.
    Keep the good work and good luck.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments and support .

    Just remember do your best at the right thing and the right job.

  4. first thanx for the spam @ the facebook ;)

    I would like to express my disagreement with what you wrote here.

    As an IT profissional or Undergraduate Programmer Validation and Verification (V&V)are essential concepts not beverages !
    the data integrity ,the system relaibllty and the trust are not " stupid " !!

    if you are talking about the testing techniques ... let me say that I never saw a student use a real testing programs or techniques at UOB ... we always fake it with good results !!

    I agree with using better techniques than the unit testing or the "junk input" testing but yet I think the fail in them is ... STILL A FAIL !!!

    I'm not defending Dr. A or Dr. B , I have been there and done that , I know how it feels when they see just about 10% of the system and close the deal. but that's part of the real world ... no one will accept a system for example gives you the flight number "-65" or crashes when you enter "ali" in the phone feild ... no one will say ok I'll buy it !!!

    I agree with providing the best "content" and sure it's a need ... but I believe that reliability comes before it.
    BTW google is not going to crash when you enter "-2" or gives you -5 results :)

    yes , few Dr's only encourage the student to ' do it smart' but no one also said "do it dumb" !!

    We need to learn the rules to break them

  5. Hi VQ
    first its not SPAM, you have agreed to subscribe to University so you are receiving a topic related to the university in a way or another. SPAM is receiving something that you didn't ask for.

    I agree in some of your points, and I didn't say that Validation and robustness is not important (it is so important). We just need to focus on both sides.

    There are a lot of testing techniques in this age as you said.

    The concept of focusing on one element and abandon the other, is so fragile.

    Thanks for passing by :)

  6. Unfortunately this is true, but don't let anybody affect your goal. There are and will be always good poeple.
    Keep the good work and good luck.


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