Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you enjoy lamp-post ads?

I think you don't. Neither do I, because its boring. Its something we don't care about and "yet" companies try to attract attention using it.

Believe me, we do see the lamp-posts ads. Walla we see them. Its just that we don't care. So placing 10 lamp-posts, duplicated, the same story, over and over again, in-line, really, won't help change our mind.

Yes it will attract few avarege people, who is looking for average stuff. So if you guys are hunting average people for your avarege product, then its fine.

This ad is for Batelco, a tele-communication company in Bahrain. Recently they filled the entire kingdom with lamp-posts like this.

I don't know how much they spent on that promotion but its not less than BD 500,000 I guess. Just to attract people grabbing them from the throat, and feeding them this ad. Hey anyone?

Do something great. Something cool, something we really want and need, and you will save the BD 500,000. In fact we, the customers, will do the marketing for you. We will spread your product, just give us what we want and need. And no spam please.

I recommend the Permission Marketing book by Seth Godin for Batelco and Zain Marcom teams.