Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marketers are stand up comedians

Stand up comedy is difficult.
Its not easy at all.
You have to stand in front of large number of spectators, no trembling, no sweating, and yes, you have to make those people laugh.

Those people saved an hour or two to come to you and watch your show. So it better be good. You have to make something new all the time. New jokes, new actions, new moves, new stories. People hate to listen to the same joke twice.

If they like you. They will come to you every time, they will tell their friends. Their friends will come to see your show!

But If you started to say something they already hear (especially from you). That's it, Cul-de-sac you are not fun anymore. They'll start to leave you.

Marketers are the same. You tell people, hey I have some great product for you so they spare some time and see if your product is worth it (a purple cow)

You have to be calm and treat people with respect (not attack them with ads.), and yes don't duplicate things, if you gave them a product they already have or seen. you are abandoned.

People who came and spend time to listen to you, expects something good, really good. Not something mediocre and boring.

If you do great. They will like you, they will pick your side. They will tell their friends. Their friends will come. Simple.

Not only marketers, you, whether you are an entrepreneur or a programmer or an engineer or an
artist, you are actually a stand up comedian. So better make people like what you do.

Do something remarkable now.

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