Saturday, March 7, 2009

GeoShout: A GeoSocial Networking using Google Earth

I want to share an idea with you guys and get your valuable comments.

Recently I wanted to create a website that connects people in a simple way. Facebook, Digg and Twitter are doing a great job. They connect people and let them share ideas. They are excellent, I already use them. However, something inside, deep inside, is telling me that we need to add an another dimension to the social network.

I want to connect people in a more simpler way, I want them to reach each other easily. I want them to hear each other easily.

So I’ve decided to add geography as a new dimension to the social network creating what I called GeoShout.

GeoShout is based on a very simple concept. You shout. You shout a word or a link or an idea or an event or a video or a song. You just shout anything to the world and people far far away will hear it.

GeoShout is a Geo-SocialNetwork website that uses Google Earth to connect people. When you sign up you choose your location at Google Earth “Where are you now?”.
Then you start to add friends to your GeoNetwork.

When you shout, a white box appear in Google earth next to your location. Your friends will be notified. The shout will appear for 10 minutes on Google Earth. After that people will have to click on you to see your shouts. Shouts that you have already heard (clicked on) will be white, the unheard shouts will be dark yellow.

I tried to make the website as simple as possible for all users so those are the basic features

  • You can make friends, Add friends by clicking on them on Google earth
  • You can add location in your shout, "hey guys, this restaurant serves free salad!" when you click on restaurant Google earth will fly to it.
  • You can comment on your friends’ shouts.
  • You get notifications when friends comment on your shout.
  • Shouts are much easier to see with Google earth spatially instead of tabular format.
  • You can show all people having a certain interests such as, Show all marketers or programmers or architects, whatever field you select.
  • The most common feature that will glue the People together is: People who commented on this shout also commented on (1,2,3...)
  • The more you shout the more you appear at a higher scale in Google Earth, people with fewer shouts you have to zoom more to see them.
  • You can type the city and Google Earth will fly to that city.

Ideas in secret dies, that's why I am sharing it. I could add more features, but remember that I want to focus on connecting people.

The site is finished,
This is the alpha version