Saturday, March 7, 2009

GeoShout: A GeoSocial Networking using Google Earth

I want to share an idea with you guys and get your valuable comments.

Recently I wanted to create a website that connects people in a simple way. Facebook, Digg and Twitter are doing a great job. They connect people and let them share ideas. They are excellent, I already use them. However, something inside, deep inside, is telling me that we need to add an another dimension to the social network.

I want to connect people in a more simpler way, I want them to reach each other easily. I want them to hear each other easily.

So I’ve decided to add geography as a new dimension to the social network creating what I called GeoShout.

GeoShout is based on a very simple concept. You shout. You shout a word or a link or an idea or an event or a video or a song. You just shout anything to the world and people far far away will hear it.

GeoShout is a Geo-SocialNetwork website that uses Google Earth to connect people. When you sign up you choose your location at Google Earth “Where are you now?”.
Then you start to add friends to your GeoNetwork.

When you shout, a white box appear in Google earth next to your location. Your friends will be notified. The shout will appear for 10 minutes on Google Earth. After that people will have to click on you to see your shouts. Shouts that you have already heard (clicked on) will be white, the unheard shouts will be dark yellow.

I tried to make the website as simple as possible for all users so those are the basic features

  • You can make friends, Add friends by clicking on them on Google earth
  • You can add location in your shout, "hey guys, this restaurant serves free salad!" when you click on restaurant Google earth will fly to it.
  • You can comment on your friends’ shouts.
  • You get notifications when friends comment on your shout.
  • Shouts are much easier to see with Google earth spatially instead of tabular format.
  • You can show all people having a certain interests such as, Show all marketers or programmers or architects, whatever field you select.
  • The most common feature that will glue the People together is: People who commented on this shout also commented on (1,2,3...)
  • The more you shout the more you appear at a higher scale in Google Earth, people with fewer shouts you have to zoom more to see them.
  • You can type the city and Google Earth will fly to that city.

Ideas in secret dies, that's why I am sharing it. I could add more features, but remember that I want to focus on connecting people.

The site is finished,
This is the alpha version


  1. Ummm, sounds like an excellent idea.
    Try to make the features of your idea more focused, that's they key of Success in web 2.0. Ideas have to be focused!!!

    So you see facebook is doing a great job in connecting people, sharing content, providing tones of online applications... etc
    However, the more features they feed into facebook the more it becomes not focused.

    Am not questioning the fact the facebook might be the greatest and technically the strongest utility in connecting people and sharing content. But on the other side facebook is just a circus.

    You might be asking, does my idea have a short? Yes, your idea seems interesting and requires good implementation.
    And you've added a nice a feature that the more you shout the more your name gets at the top. it's good really good because people are competiros in their nature and everyone would like to see his name popped up.


  2. Hi Hussain,

    I will begin with a quote from Albert Einstein. He said: "The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."<<-- I can recall you wrote a topic about that.

    A unigue idea Masha-Alla and I am sure people will like it. Nowadays people like anything related to the social networking. Your idea is not just conneting people, but it is connecting places together as well! Could I ask this question? Have you started to work on the website?

  3. Bin-Radhi
    You are right, focus and doing what people want is want the right-minded guys try to do. Once technology and analysis come to the road people will start to get confused.

    I tried to remove as many features as possible and make the idea as simple as possible. As in twitter.

    I am working on the prototype and will launch a beta version and see the result.

    I will keep the site focused.

    Thanks for a great comment.

    Thank you for your participation,
    Einstein wasn't just a scientist he was a wise man as well.

    Yes as you have noticed I got to connect locations and places.. You can insert a location in your post.

    I am currently working on a prototype, will launch a beta version soon.

  4. Brilliant!

    I believe that you have to make it clean and simple, but that is something that you are aware of.

    This will be more like Twitter than Facebook, right?`

    Anyways, OUTSIDE THE BOX - and please, keep it that way!

  5. Andres,

    Exactly it will be the same as twitter but spatially. I heard that twitter is building a spatial engine as well.

    But I would like to give it a shot.

    Thanks for the continuous support

  6. ... and Einstein also said:

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

    Hussein definitely has some serious imagination. Keep it up, your idea might be the next Facebook.

  7. Thanks Cody, I didn't knew the rest of that piece of wisdom until now.

    Enshalla I'll finish the prototype soon and show it to you guys.

    Take care and wish me luck
    and comments here are highly appreciated,

    Remember it worth to try and I would love to fail trying :)

  8. "Remember it worth to try and I would love to fail trying :)"

    All successful persons I know or have read about have this way of thinking. Failing is always part of success. You cannot hope to succeed without expecting any sort of failure along the way. Nice attitude, Hussein.

  9. Yes Cody,
    You know as I develop this prototype am facing huge technical limitation and it is really make me feel down but I keep reminding myself about thinking out of the box

    You know when you develop you shift to your left brain and I hate it when I get lost there!!

    Sometimes some feelings tells me that the idea will fail.. like yesterday for instance

    The design also is very big dip that I have to overcome.

    Thanks Cody for the inspiration.

    Let us try our best to do something to this world.

  10. I know that it's a while since you posted this but anyways:

    I found a Twitter-service on the internet that might be what you're looking for.

    It's called Twittervision, and here's the link:

    Use it as inspiration or not. Your choice!

  11. @Andres
    It seems someone already has thought of this idea

    My idea is quite similar to that that!!

    I just finished the prototype i'm adding my final touches!

    will sure get use of that,

    Once I upload it I will let you all know and will have your valuable comments to integrate the best geShout we could generate guys..

    Thanks andres

  12. Yes, I sure hope you are making the geShout a little more complex than the twittervision
    (not that I would be able to that, I'm on Greenfoot-stadium :D).

    Keep on working Hussein!


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