Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nokia Engineers VS IPhone Engineers

I would like to compare my wife's IPhone with my Nokia E71.

IPhone has one button only and it can do everything my 43~ buttons NokiaE71 can do.

I can almost hear the engineers chatting:

Nokia engineers: " Yes! excellent, HAHA, I liked this calendar button, its handy. AND the contacts button!!! I LOVED IT. Keep in mind guys the more buttons the better, our users want to see everything at their sight. (Sir, I was thinking if we can remove the back butto...) You want What??? Remove the back button?! Are you out of your mind? It worked for more than 20 years and now you wanna remove it!? (but sir..), I don't want to hear anything, You are fired!, "

IPhone engineers: " Remember guys we want to make a phone with only one button, KISS keep it simple, think out of the box. Don't let your diodes and transistors get the best of you OK?!!"

IPhone is an excellent "right brained" invention.
One button only, imagine.

I love Apple, I wish I could work there.

What if someone can make a TV with a one button remote control? If you watch Tom and Jerry you will notice this TV Remote control with one Red button. I wonder if someone can make something like this.


  1. Haha, yes, I noticed that remote with one big red button.

    Seriously though, there really is elegance in simplicity. One button versus ~43—polymorphism, anyone?

  2. @Cody
    Right exactly that one

    you may notice that I focus most of my articles on this, its too difficult to approach simplicity

    I want to be like this

  3. Someone would probably be able to make that one-button remote:

    Using an app on the iPhone that works like a TV-remote.

    Maybe you'll do that Hussein: make a TV-remote app. I'm sure you'll just need a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection on your tv..

    Seems like you love your Nokia!

    I also love Apple.

  4. @Andres
    Anyone have a picture of that remote?

    You have a great ideas Andres when you really sort them out...

    Well yes I love my Nokia its cool, does what it suppose to do at least.

    thanks for dropping by :)

  5. Thank you. But no, I don't have an actual physical picture of the app-remote.

    It's in my mind. Anyways, it might have been genius.

    Maybe I should study programming, not just literature..

  6. You should learn programming in your free time, its easy

    I think you are innovative.


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